Friday, March 4, 2005


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I'm soooooo excited that it's Friday and I have today off of work (teachers in school meeting)Here's my plans for the day I figured I'd play a little bit in PSP and finish up my set for this blog "still have to make my link button" and resize a few pictures of things I've crocheted lately hopefully I'll have them up tonight.

Julian & Amelia are having a hookie day from school today .... its part of their BDay present from MOM lol They were up late last night since card club was here and all the ladies didn't leave until really late. Julian will be 15 tomorrow and Amelia 10 on Sunday ..... They still haven't told me what they want for their dinners or what type of cakes they want ..... Who do you think will pick the M&M cake?

Cathy (David's girlfriend) called to tell me that Amelia's gift should be here today so I better make sure I get the package instead of one of the kids. David got on the phone and said that he won't be able to come home on leave in April like he thought he would be able to.... maybe next year boy do I miss him being home it's been almost 3 years since he was here last. He also told me where he'll be deployed to in June (looks like some more gray hairs for mom)NO it's not where Christopher has been a couple of times already speaking of Chris he sure is enjoying his new assignment in Hawaii the only thing that makes me mad is that he doesn't want any of our snow!

Chris & Yumi's tablecloth update:
42 motifs made & joined out of 204

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  1. Just seeing if it works .....Have a FANTASTIC day!


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