Thursday, August 25, 2005

The New Mr. & Mrs. Miller

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Miller

Christopher (my oldest son) & Yumi where married on 8-21-05 in Japan

On 8-15 the were married at a court building then on the 17th they went to the Japanesse Embassy to get approved for Yumi's Visa. Christopher & Yumi had a Church Wedding on the 21st (thats the day they are going to celebrate thier Wedding on)The Church was brought over from Liverpool England to Japan. I Can't wait or all the Pictures to be developed!

They will be living in Hawaii, Christopher is already back in Hawaii Yumi is just waiting for her Visa to go through ...... what a bummer for the Newlyweds

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  1. Oh I'm sooo happy for Chris & Yumi tell them I said HI and can't wait to see them when they come for a visit to Michigan


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