Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Crochet Wish List

I decided to add a page just for My Crochet Wish List for my family and freinds, I got the idea from ChrochetVille..... you know I LOVE surprises!

1: Crochet thread ...... white (can never have enough), a color that realy pops out for you when your looking at all the threads

2: Crochet cotton .....any color

3: Yarn ..... I'd like to try some of the newer types that are out now :)

4: A subscription to a crochet magizine ..... I don't belong to any

5: Any type of patterns that you have extra of .... even the free leaflets

6: Flavored coffee beans or big coffee cups

7: Unique stationary or notecards

8: Surprise me with something handmade

9: Stuff to take a nice bubble bath and pamper me with..... Calgon take me away LOL

10: A gift certificate to Joannes or Michaels

11: TAPERED NAME DOILIES by Vivian Floy Smith

12: VINTAGE DOILIES by Jo Ann Maxwell .... down towards the bottom of page

updated and changed on 1-31-06

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