Tuesday, September 6, 2005


Well I finally feel up to writing about my Father in Law. He passed away on my birthday 9-1. He was 97 years old and was sick for a long time with Alzimers.He didn't know who anybody was or able to talk just mumbled alot.He got a really bad cold a couple of weeks ago but on 9-1 he woke up and wanted to eat and even took a bath, after dinner he went to lay down and never woke up. My family was singing Happy Birthday to me at the time of his death happy that all his suffering is over with now!When I talked to Christopher in Hawaii and told him what time Grandpa went to heaven he told me that it has been raining there all day in Hawaii and he looked outside and saw the most beautiful rainbow and even saw the end of it ....He thinks it was jack passing by on his way to heaven :)

I'm not looking forward to all the legal stuff that will be taking place Jim & his sister don't get along hopefully everything will go OK

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