Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I just scaned a couple of the pineapple tree ornaments that I made ... the yellow one is made with a size 7 hook I thought it was to big so I went to a size 10 hook thats what the white one is made with (much better). I didn't tuck in the ends or block them yet bad!

I already decided that I'll be making a bunch of these to give as gifts this Christmas and to have handy during the holidays in case I forgot somebody LOL

List for Pineapple Tree Ornaments 2005

1.Mrs.M Amelia's teacher
2.Mrs.K Crossing guard ....21 years crossing my kids to school (last year to do it)
3.Yumi & Christpher
4.David & Cathy
5.Sister Rochelle
6.Teachers at work


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