Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Day After

Hope everyone had a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving!
David (sailor son#2) is back in Maine ..... The Military sent him back to his home port from El Salvador so that he could get better medicail attention from what was offered there. He is doing much better then the last time I talked with him and the doctor said that there isn't any liver damage from the virus he got .... now he just has to wait for his liver to heal by itself .... boy was it a close call!!!!! David was finailly able to get a full nights sleep on the 23rd ( first time in 3 weeks)

Christophers & Yumi's turkey and stuffing and gravy turned out great everyone LOVED it .... thanks to MOM aka me ...... we where on the phone off and on all day yesterday it felt like I was was making two dinners

Today I am tucking in all the ends of the oranaments for the swap at Crochetville and Amelia will help me block the ones that need it ...... the should all be ready for me to shipp out the begging of the week WOOOHOOO!!!!!

Hope your having a FANTASTIC day

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