Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy Holidays

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas filled with warm, happy memories .... I sure did!

This was the first Christmas in a long time when the whole day was just PERFECT. Sailor son #2 woke up the family at 7:30 am, he was surprised that all of the family was still sleeping except for me. Jim & I got a didital camera from David so you'll be seeing alot of pics posted here

~~~Update on David~~~

His liver is still not going down but at least he's not yellow anymore! He's still seeing the specialist once a week and they have ruled out hepitituis A and E (E you can only get in the tropics). Hopefully very soon they'll find out what the problem is.

Our Christmas tree looks beautiful thanks to all the talented crocheters at Crochetville ...... thank you to all the lovely ladies that sent ornaments my way, I'll treasure them always!!

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