Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Flowers & More

I've been busy making alot of crochet flowers out of thread for the swap at Crochetville ..... all my flowers have been made for the swap but of course I had to make some for me also(will be using them for Easter gifts) I am on the third and last surpise gift for the flower swap (hint)you can put your real flowers or something ealse on it LOL

I have been busy surfing around for some springtime / summer graphics for my blog but havn't come across anything that really grabs me yet .... I think I'll be using the webset that I made last year until I find or make a new webset, hopefully I'll be able to work on setting it up tonight

David is still pretty much the same but at least he feels good I just wish the Navy could find out what the problem is!


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