Thursday, March 30, 2006


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The nice & warm sun has been shining in Michigan for the last couple of days.Today it's supposed to get in the 60's ..... I'm a sun lover so of course I'm doing the Happy Dance LOL. I just had to use Chantal's spring tag that she made for everyone at psp4all ..... thanks again Chantal

Dominic and Julian are both on the Tennis team and have been really busy and sore with practice ..... Dominic is hoping that he is voted to be one of the Captain's for the team we'll find out tomarrow. Amelia's been busy rideing her new bike all around ..... boy does she look strange on a moutian bike (my little baby is growing up)

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  1. Hello Michele. Thank you for using my spring tag :o) You're lucky with the sunny days, here in Belgium it's still raining. Too sad weather. Big hugs.


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