Thursday, March 2, 2006

Where Did Feb. Go?

I just noticed today I only posted one entry in my blog for Feb.
when I came to update my blog, so I am going to try and do a quick
update for Feb before I start on March stuff LOL

~~~Crochet Updates~~~

Here's a picture of how my Grandma's Flower Garden is so far it's
on our basement couch

I put it on our bed today(queen size) and I figure that I have 2 more rows
of flowers to make then make up some half flowers for the sides.
I am useing a size G hook and each hex takes about 10 min. to do.
I am almost out of white yarn so it looks like this afghan is going
to cost me some $$ now since I 've been using up all my scrapes lol

If you want to see a bigger picture here's the link


My daughter LOVED her Love Bug from
Annie's Attic free pattern on Feb 1st

if you want to see it bigger here's the link

Dee of CrochetWithDee had guest bloggers while she celebrated her birthday for a week with her family
(it was winter break) and she chose my entry as the winner
I was sooooooo excited when I found out that I won the gift certificate
to Jo Annes


A great BIG thank you to the Crochetville Fairy or should I say Crochetville Cupid since I received my package on Valentine's Day
I was sooooo surpised and excited when I opened up my box Thank you Thank You Crochetville Fairy are you a psychic? I received 2 thread pattern books and lots of thread. Can't wait to get started

Bigger picture

One of my son's got engaged yesterday and I'll be making up the bride & groom bears . I already know the first angel I'll be making is the one from Japan for my DL she's from Japan .... that's why I asked if the Chrichetville Fairy is also a psychic


  1. Don't forget to tell us what you get w/the certificate ... some yarn or thread, or a new pattern book? Maybe some hooks ...
    Congratulations, Michele!

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