Monday, July 24, 2006

Graduation Pictures

I know that these should of been up last month but it's been really crazy around my house ( I'll write about what's been going around here in the next couple of days)
We had 2 graduations in are family in June Dominic from HS and Amelia from elementry. Let's start with the oldest first LOL

Here's Dominc on award night June 8th receiving an award from his drafting teacher from the county ..... he has the record for the most drafting classes ever taken at LHS and the most awards won in compitition :)Dominic also won a scholarship ....I sure was Doing the Happy Dance in my seat, we didn't know anything about it!!!!!


Now onto graduation night June 9th ...... LHS was celebrating it's 75th year as a school and all of the elementry principals were there. The lady in the middle was there for all of my kids (21 straight years) and the lady on the left hand side was Amelia's 5th grade teacher at the starting of the school year then after Christmas she was promoted to be a principal at another elementry school.


Now on to June 15th Amelia's graduation ..... my baby is getting old not me!!Mrs.M & Amelia ..... her teacher until Christmas


Mr.N & Amelia ..... her teacher until the end of the year (Mr.N hung around with my older sons in HS and this was his fiorst teaching assignmeny LOL)


Last picture ..... all of my children goofing off Christopher came in from Hawaii & David from Maine it was really FANTASTIC having everyone home all at once (first time in 3 years)


Who's who starting from the left: Dominic, David, Amelia, Julian's in the headlock and Christopher


  1. What a grreat looking family you have Michele

  2. Boy are the kids getting big!!!! It looks like Julian is taller then Chris & Dave now :)

    Hugs, Peggy


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