Thursday, October 26, 2006

Off to a GOOD start

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Today is going a lot better then the last few days for me, maybe its because the sun is shinning somewhat outside and my hands aren't hurting I slept with my support on last night and it seemed to do the trick,or maybe it's because Amelia made me a dream catcher yesterday while laying around being bored and hung it by my side of the bed :)

The case of dynimite I put up my DH butt must of worked he changed the washer in one of our bathrooms last night, boy was it dripping bad! when he was finnished he told me that a new drier is being delivered today ...... do you think he got tired of having laundry lines strung all over the basement ( I strung them up a couple weeks ago). It might sound weird but I'm excited about getting a drier I've been without one for a while now and with the weather how it is I can't hang stuff outside anymore ..... call me sneeky but it sure worked LOL

Hope your day is going good for you and just keeps on getting BETTER!!!!

Lord Give me this day my daily opinion, and forgive me the one I had Yesterday

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  1. Isn't it true the littlest things make life wonderful. Whomever invented the washing machine and drier thank you ! thank you!


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