Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This And That

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I've been busy finnishing up crochet some goodies for my Holiday Secret pal Swap at Crochetmania still have to do a little bit more shopping to find find something on her wishlist (boy am I having trouble finding one thing)Her package should be in the mail the beginning of next week if all goes weel :)

This morning I joined the Holiday Swap at the ville ..... boy do I love swaps it makes me feel good inside brightening up someones day!!!

Yesterday I worked outside ..... pulled the rest of the tomatoe plants and gave the green ones to a neighbor who likes fried green tomatoes and least I didn't feel guily about having to ditch all the green ones this year LOL planted some more daffidil bulbs still have 10 more to go. Found where I want to add some tulips still have 40 more to go LOL Boy will it look PRETTY in the spring

Christopher & Yumi are doing good in Hawaii after the earthquake he's supposed to home tonight to tell us what's going on in Hawaii. havn't heard from David so everything must be going good in Maine. The kids still at home are busy with school and all are doing good!

Work ..... I work at a Catholic school for a couple hours a day and the big thing going on there is that it might have to close next year ..... not enough kids I'll know in Feb. after enrollment for next yearis done Tomarrow I have a dinner to go to for all the workers at the festival this summer (I help run the afghan booth)

Well that's it for This & That today hope your day is FANTASTIC!!!!!!

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