Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hot Cocoa

Tonight seemed like a hot cocao night for me .... thanks Vicki for the YUMMY tasteing cocao it sure is hitting the spot!!!!! Cold Outside = Winter = Cocao so I decided to switch the graphics at my blog with some cute winter freinds hope you enjoy them :)

Today My DH and DD went to a craft show that I used to do a few years back, boy has it changed nothing is really handmade anymore a lot of store bought things , no wood workers were there either (that's where Jim likes to go) all the crafters that at least had homemade stuff were way over priced one example was a really easy crocheted scarf for $35 The best item at the show was a beautiful crocheted 2 piece shirt and skirt I let the crafter know how much I liked it and that she did excellant work. boy I wish I still had the figure for it. The only crafters that were still there from when I did craft shows was a great candy maker of course he gave us some samples of while we chit chatted for a long time. We bought a couple of boxes of our favorite candy's cherries soaked in Black Jack Danials What he does is soak the cherries then he injects the cherries with more booze YUM!!!

Take care & God Speed to all of our Troops

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