Thursday, November 9, 2006

Lots of Great news!!!

I found out on Nov.7 that I'm going to be a grandma,this is my first grandbabie and I'm so excited !!!!!!!! The funny thing is that I don't feel old in fact finding out the news made me feel younger LOL. I'm not going to start making anything for the baby until after the first of the year I have a lot of WIP's for Christmas that I have to finish. It looks like Yumi's due date is in July.

Wonder how many babies will be born in Hawaii or other places next July after the earthquake they had in Hawaii last month LOL

Here's the Mommy & Daddy
(Christopher & Yumi)on their wedding

Today my brother in New York called me to say that he's getting married next month the first thing I said to him is "It's about time" they've been together for 15 years engaged for 10 and have a 12 year old son. He'll be getting married by the justic of the peace then have a little something at their favorite resturant My family won't be going but I talked my Mother into going maybe she'll even be there for Christmas I know she would enjoy the trip since she hasn't been to NY in 5 years

Hope that life is treating you good and that you are surrounded by loved ones!

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