Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sorry it's been awhile

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So sorry it's been over a week since I was here last but it's been pretty busy around my house. Amelia and I baked a bunch of cookies over the weekend for ???? and his wife to take back to Japan for some of the sailors on the hawk .... they always loved getting homemade cookies when I'd send them to sailor son #1. I've been busy trying to finish up all the Christmas WIPs I have going my target date is have them all done by next weekend for my swaps freinds and family that I have to mail out( keeping my fingers crossed!) Amelia's butterfly doily is almost done just have to add the border on the butterflies them attach them to the doily ... I've been working on it while she's at school so I know she'll be surprised cuz she wanted me to make it for her room when she saw the pattern :) I'll be picking up the yarn this weekend to start working on a hat and scarf that she really likes and wants from a pattern that I received from my Holiday swap partner at the Mania Thanks Vicki :)

When I went back to work on Monday I found out that one of my coworkers (he's 20)mom & dad were in a car accident. His mom had to have emergencie surgury done to her neck and she's flying home today and will be going straight to a rehab center things are being somewhat hush hush around work because of the kids so we really don't know how bad his mom is doing.I'm taking over his work so now I'm working with 5th - 8th graders it's a good thing I know all the kids LOL

I plan on stringing all the lights around the ceiling downstairs this weekend still don't know if I'll talk the guys into putting up the lights outside yet. We don't put up our tree or the rest of our Cheistmas decorations until the middle of December. Last year's Christmas was hard with loseing my FIL and another family member so DH and I are planning to have a really nice Christmas for our family and make a lot of great memories

"Hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend and that your surronded by loved ones"

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