Sunday, November 19, 2006

This & That

I've been busy cleaning around the house and trying to get caught up on all the laundry since thursday. I had thur.& fri. off of work and today's my day of rest! The only thing I want to get done today is to clean my oven so that's it's ready for Thanksgiving. I always make Thanksgiving dinner in fact all Holidays and have my door open to any one that wants to stop by.

I had a wonderful call last night from a freind that my twins want to school with ( he also happens to be in the Military and was staioned with sailor son #1 on the Kitty Hawk in fact he's still on the hawk and he happens to be a twin too)to get back to the phone call ... he is now married and will be in Michigan on tuesday for a leave first thing I asked him was if they had any plans for Thanksgiving (his family wants nothing to do with him)and they'll be joining us for diner It will be really nice seeing him again and meeting his wife she's also Japanesse like Yumi better brush up on my Japanesse :)

I've also been busy crocheting some scarves & hats for my DD she signed me up to make some for the womens shelter by us. So far I have 2 scaves done and 4 hats today I paln to finish the last scarf and go shopping for some gloves to go with them. I'm still working on Christmas presents for family & freinds if everything goes right I plan on having them all done by Dec. 10th so I can start decorating the house :)

This is the time of year that you start thinking about what your thankful for ... The biggy for me is my FAMILY!! What are you thankful for?

"Take time today and tell someone that their very special to you"

One last thing before I'm done here today Sailor son #2 went on the 17th for a check up and it looks like everything is back to normal with his liver WOOOHOOO. Last year at this time he was being airlifted back stateside from El Salvador because he was very sick and they didn't have the right type of medical help in El Salvador. It took the Military a couple of months to find out David had Hep E (you can only get it in the tropics)

"God Speed to all of our Troops"
If you know of any Military that have no one to be with for the Holidays try and open up your heart and home for them

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