Thursday, December 7, 2006

It's beginning .......

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to look a lot like Christmas around my house. So far I only have all the Christmas lights strung around our basement but boy doea it look pretty :) I plan on putting all of the lights around the windows upstairs today when I get home from work. Dominic said he'll go up in the attic and bring down all of the decorations and our tree while I'm at work. I told him to bring down all of the Christmas boxes I'll know if he misses any LOL I decorate all the rooms in our house even the bathroom & my laundry area LOL

I blocked a bunch of snowflakes this morning will post pictures tomorrow along with a few other things I've made so be on the lookout

If you like pixel graphics I know of 2 Advent calendars where you can get a sig tag everyday..... It's really nice to see some of the graphic artists getting together to share for the holidays

Here they are:
A Country Graphic Christmas
Tutorial Heavendreams

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