Saturday, January 27, 2007


I wanted to take a picture if a doily that I finished last night but my batteries were dead so I have them charging right now will post a picture ASAP

This morning I tried to hunt down my pattern for the "Ring of Hearts" from Crochet memories that I ordered last year to make this year..... guess what I can't find it anywhere but I least I'm organizeing my patterns LOL Hopefully I'll come across the pattern over the weekend! I sure hate to have to order it again but it is so neat for Valentines Day

David & Cathy's tablecloth is getting there it might just be ready for thier wedding in March (I'm keeping my fingers crossed) I'm still waiting for Christopher to take a picture of the one that I made for him & Yumi ..... guess I have to put some dynimite up his but! Question Do you shorten your childrens names? Example: Christopher = Chris I just can't seem to call any of my kids thier names shortened I know I'm wierd LOL

Hope you have a Fantastic weekend!

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