Monday, January 29, 2007

Rose Delight Doily

I promised a picture of the doily that I finished the other day and here it is, it's called Rose Delight

I started it before the holiday's for a group I'm in and had to put it aside to work on Christmas gifts. BTW I recieved the book that the pattern was in from my Secret Hoilday Swap partner at the mania Be on the lookout for some more Delightful doilies made by me :)

I'm still working on the tablecloth for David & Cathy I attached 9 more motifs over the weekend still have 60 more motifs to do then onto the border ..... It's a good thing that I started working on the tablecloth before they were even engaged otherwise it wouldn't be done in time. Once this tablecloth is done I'll be starting on another one for the next child of mine that gets married hopefully it won't be for a long time LOL

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  1. I love the pink roses in your doily the color really makes it pop!I always enjoy seeing what you make and the colors that you use


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