Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Card Club

This morning I remembered that I forgot to buy a boobie prize for card club so I have plans to work on a couple of dish towel toppers. Once a month during the school year I play cards with some girl friends from high school. We started the once a month when we all started to get married in high school we'd play at least once a week sometimes more LOL Theirs only 3 of us that are from the original group of 8 some moved and some just didn't want to do it any more they thought it was dumb. We still have 8 ladies in the group though and we have a blast. It's always on the first Thursday of the month except for X-Mas and this month it's my turn WOOHOO! I have Friday off of work so I think I'll be having a few more cocktails then I usually do (wink, wink)

Hope that you have nothing but HAPPY thoughts today and if a bad thought happens to come your way start signing one of your favorite songs!

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