Wednesday, March 14, 2007

3 More Days

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It's hard to believe that David & Cathy's wedding is just 3 days away! I'm finishing up packing today & also have to do some special shopping Chris & Dave want us to bring some Vernors (ginger ale from Michigan) and some fresh Kalwolski polish sausage to Maine LOL. We have a really early flight tomarrow so have to leave the house at 4 am .... looks like I won't be sleeping tonight

Here's a few gifts that I made to take with us:

Grandma Hugs #1
I won't be in Hawaii for the birth of my first grandbaby so I'm calling this "Grandma Hugs #1" every time thier used he'll be getting a GREAT BIG hug from me :)

When David & Cathy where here for a visit last summer David told me that he needed a new afghan long enough to cover up his feet (he's 6'2") so I made this for him as a surprise he likes all shades of green hopefully he'll like the colors I picked for him from my stash ..... the yarn I used is dazzleair I don't even know if they still make it

Off to finish up a few things online then finish packing and go shopping and hopefully relax ..... take care and stay out of trouble see you when I get back from my son's wedding

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