Friday, March 23, 2007

Meet the New Mr & Mrs Miller

Wedding Day: March 17, 2007

We had a FANTASTIC time in Maine for David's & Cathy's Wedding surrounded by family and David's friends.The morning of the wedding we awoke to a bunch of snow and the Military came to the rescue to get everybody to the Church on time with all of thier SUV's they had a shuttle survice going .... it did help that David's bachlor party was at the same hotel that we were staying at LOL. The Chirch was built in 1902 and boy is it beautiful with lots of stained glass!!

My brother drove in with his family from New York on Friday and Jim's sister and her family arrived at the reception after many flight delay's and her family being sepperated at airports because of the winter storm that hit the east coast, all there luguage was lost so they stopped at a walmart and bought all new stuff to ware for the wedding ...... Jim's sister Nora told her family that she was going to get to David's wedding one way or another her husband is David's godfather what is funny we only live about 2 miles away from each other. It was really nice finailly meeting all of David's Navy buddies I've talked to alot of them on the phone and in emails ( I'm been an adopted Mom to a bunch of them for the last 7 years)

I'll be posting more about the wedding and putting up more pictures in the next few days here's a few of my favorite pictures

I really like this picture of David & I having our first dance with him being a married man and I'll tresure it always... The love for his mother shows and boy is that a hard picture to get LOL

This is one of Jim's (my dh) favorite pictures of him dancing with Amelia


  1. Ohhhh, Michele, these are some nice pics of the newly weds. Her dress is gorgeous! I know just what you mean about getting that one, very special pic of a son showing his love for Mom. Those are rare, but oh so very precious when they come.

  2. michele, i can sooo see how proud you are of your son and new dil, is a wonderful thing when people are soooo happy that you can see it for years in a photo. thats awesome that the military came thru for you all. i would have been freaking out trying to find a way. beautiful family you have my friend

  3. Thank you Kathy and Vicki for stopping by to take a peek at the wedding pictures


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