Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm In Pal Heaven

Crochetville's Secret Pal Update

My secret pal knew just when I needed to be cheered up with her ecards and emails during the swap and she sent me the most amazing reveal package everything is my type of style ( I wonder if she took a trip to my house to find out all about me LOL) I recieved her reveal package yesterday and opened it up last night

In her letter she told me that she got me the HH SNB book and what blew me away is that I just added that book to one of my wish lists yesterday morning!

Thank You Thank You SP for all my goodies I will treasure everything always!!!

Here's what I recieved:

Books & Patterns
Happy Hooker SNB ,Thread for the home, Wavy swawl, 14 Pineapple designs (1946), Family Heirlom doilies, Big book of slippers, Crocheting patchwork patterns

Happy, happy twisted whiskers note cube,a bag of riesen candy,Chamomille tea, a really pretty shaped notepad (hate to use it),yarn cutter, some tiny beads, cone & stick lavender incense

4 sliens of accord,sugar n cream in grape,soft violet and also white, 2 balls of Aunt Lydia's thread in warm rose, a ball of Royal thread in maize

Pk doily, a doily done in size 30 thread (both of them are BEAUTIFUL) and a really unique hook case

A wonderful old fashioned looking swawl in a gorgeous plum color

Thank you Yammy for being a very special secret pal to me

I'm still on floating on cloud nine!!!!


  1. Awesome lot of goodies. Yammy, do you want to be my SP next time? LOL, lots of nice goodies Michele.
    Wanted to let you know too, when I click on the pics above to see them up close, I get to see a beautiful shawl....very pretty....somehow each pic is linked to that shawl sweetie :)

    Thanks for voting and joining in on the chance at some free yarnsssss................Good Luck Hun and Have Fun!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Kathy Isn't Yammy the greatest!!!

    Thanks for letting me know about the pictures ..... I copied and pasted from one picture and forgot to change a couple of link numbers I hate html!

  3. I would love to have Yammy for a SP anytime, without a doubt!
    And you are very welcome on the pics...........html, yuk!!! I Know exactly what you mean, it can be a pain sometimes.

  4. Hi!
    This is very beautiful.
    Sônia Maria


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