Sunday, June 3, 2007

This & That


I've been busy working on goodies for my "SP" at the "Mania" and I had to find a bigger box to put everything in for her reveal package ( some things I ordered for her online came in last week )LOL. She already recieved from me the SNB book that was on her wishlist hopefully that will keep her busy until July 22nd .... BTW she already knows who I am :)


2 more days left for work then I'am on summer vacation since I work at a school.With the school closeing during the summer I'll decide if I want to retire or find another job ..... decisions, decisions.

Sailor son #2 and his sqaudron are leaving for a 6 month deployment tomarrow and I keep on thinking about his last deployment to El Salvador and how he had to be air lifted home plus the job he was doing (drug cartels) Hopefully his sqaudron stays right where there being sent and not needed "over there" I already went through that twice with sailor son #1 ..... that's why I die my hair LOL

Dominic will be home in 2 days and boy am I looking forward to seeing him 6 weeks is a long time!!! I know he is really looking forward to comeing home and I'm so proud of him for sticking everything out for six weeks ( he turned into a real man)The only thing that really hurts about his trip is that I know he'll have nothing to do with his brother anymore and that my DH is about a cenimeter away from disowning are eldest son ....... I pray that everything will work out with my children but I can fully understand about the feelings taking place ( I disowned my oldest brother from my life, but the love was still there and I ended up paying for his funeral)

Julian & Amelia are counting down the days until the school bell rings for the last time for this school year June 18th:)

Stay safe & happy my friends ....... try and be nice to a stranger you never know what thier going through and a smile from you might just be what they need!

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