Wednesday, July 4, 2007

She's Hooked!!!

Sunday night I heard the most wonderful words from my DD ... Mom I want to learn how to crochet (happy tears) So we went through my stash and dug out the pattern book I used to learn how to crochet with

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Monday was are first lesson on the little tote from the book. She had no problem with the chain when it came to the sc's into the the chain she was having some trouble and told me Mom this is really hard but she kept it up and finished the row ( lesson one= 1 hour)

Tuesday lesson # 2 was doing a sc in the back loop first thing Amelia told me was Mom this is a lot easier then sc'ing into the chain After doing 2 rows with me and with no missakes the lesson was over for the day (each row is 55 sts and she has 144 rows to do for this part of the tote) She didn't want to put her crochet down and she did 10 more rows for the day She can do a row in about 5 minutes and says this is so cool being able to crochet ( more happy tears)

This coming Monday we're going to start on some flower coasters so that She has a project that she can see fast results from and she'll also get the bonuse of learning to crochet in the rnd. I never pushed crochet on her and waited until the day when she asked me to teach her I'm soooo proud of Amelia!!!!

DH told us now I have 2 of you that are going to go crazy shopping for yarn "I have no chance"

Here's a link to the pattern book I'm using ... it has big pictures of each st your learning:

Pattern on ebay

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