Friday, August 31, 2007

Doing the HAPPY Dance!

Last night Sailor Son #1 called from Hawaii and told us that him and his Family are coming to MI for a visit Sept 18th until the 29th ...... I'll finially be able to hold my first grandbaby for the first time .... I'm soooooo excited!!!!!! This Grandma will be doing a lot of shopping for little Jacob in the next few weeks LOL

This morning in my mail box I recieved an early birthday prezzie ...... Magic Wings Vol 1 by Aly Hymel I've been wanting that pattern FOREVER!!!!

Hope your Friday is going as good as mine


  1. That's so awesome Michele. I hope you will take loads and loads and pictures and share them with us. You must be totally thrilled!!

    I'm so happy for you!!


  2. The countdown is on and they are almost here! I'm so happy for you, Michele!


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