Saturday, October 20, 2007

First Christmas Stocking......

is almost done. I only knit one thing now and it's a Christmas stocking that my mom made years ago for me & my brothers I made one for each of my kids and one for my first DL ...... this year I have 2 to make

I started on Jacobs first (my first grandbaby) here's what his looks like so far ...... hopefully I'll have it done over the weekend then I'll get started on Cathy's (newest DIL)

In CROCHET I have a bunch of ends to tuck in on things I've been working on but I decided this morning when after I had my first cup of java that today will be tuck in day LOL ..... be on the lookout for the picures of my newest crochocheted projects :)

Hope your weekend is off to a FANTASTIC start and just keeps on getting better and better!!!!!!!

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