Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Survied!

Well I survied another Holiday at my house, everybody was on thier best behavior:)We had a nice surprise visit on Thanksgiving day ..... my nephew who we helped out after my brother died stopped by for dinner he knows that my house is always open if he has no where to go on any Holiday. Him and his girlfriend brought over a huge relish tray,the famous green bean cassorale, a bunch of great beer and some Polish wine and last but not least a really unique colored ponsittia.... but the best part was him decideing to come over :) He's starting to get himself together but time will tell

Nobody stepped out of the house for Black Friday this year I used to do it when all the kids were at home but those days are over for me!... hope you had a blast and got a lot of good deals if you went out.

Still can't show what I've been working on for Christmas gifts I like everyone to be surprised ;)

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