Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Snow & Presents

I think MiniBooger /Julieann had it planed for when my package arrived so that it really would feel like Christmas ..... it was snowing HUGE snowflakes in Michigan when I received my package LOL

I opened the box and couldn't believe how beautiful everything was wrapped up. I tortured my family by not opening them up until after dinner on second thought I know it was really me that I tortured but I wanted to enjoy how Julieann had them wrapped

Here's how everything looked

Now unto what was in each package

The Best of Patricia Kristoffersen and guess what it's signed by her :),How To Crochet Adorable Amigurumi,Amigurumi In The Garden and a White Choclate coconut candy bar

Two packages of tapestry needles in different sizes,a really neat Handcrafted Magnetic Needle Holder , and 6 balls of thread

Julieann picked one of my favorite colors to make my skinny scarf in .... my DD already snatched it to wear to school today :)

I just love this beautiful caplet it's so unique and I'll be wearing it alot, what's so nice about it is that you can wear it with jeans or a really dressy outfit You'll find the pattern for the Chanson En Crochet capelet here

Thank you Thank You Mini your the BESTEST!!! I'm still on cloud nine :)

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