Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This & That

This morning has been one of those weepy mother days for me since everyone is out of the house (very strange being the only one home)and I don't like my family seeing me cry.Last night DH & I signed the papers for Julians enlistment to join the Navy , he'll be taking the last big test on the 27th along with all the other good things the military does to check out if he's healthy or not ;) It sunk in this morning that 3 of my 4 sons will be in the Military after Julian graduates and enjoys the summer for a while, I can't really describe the feelings going around inside me but I know the biggest one is "PROUD" of my children for deciding to join on there own.

Crochet: I've been busy making snow flakes to add to my Christmas cards that I send out it's been a tradition of mine for a couple of years now adding a snowflake (sailor son's 1 & 2's buddies really enjoy getting them) I think after the Holidays I'll have to buy myself a pattern book of just snowflakes that way I won't have to go through all my pattern books looking for snowflakes ... sounds like a plan to me :)

I've also been busy crocheting for my swap partners and trying to finish up Christmas gifts for the family It's getting closer to crunch time all packages have to be sent by Dec 10th I ran out of something for one of the projects so this weekend will go shopping agian to the craft store WOOHOOO......
I can't post any pictures of the things I have done so far cuz there Christmas gifts and one just might be for you ..... even though I know you just want to take a peek at what I've made so far LOL I've decided that I'm not going to be doing any more swaps next year and just consintrate on makeing things for my family and close friends it looks like 2008 is going to be a very busy year for my family agian , I'll still be sending out a few RAOK's though :).

GodSpeed to our Troops and a great big cyber hug to everyone who has a loved one in the Miltary

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