Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This & That


Last night I found out that Sailor Son #2 is heading back to Japan with his unit after being in a classified location for the last 2 months WOOOHOOO!!!!!!! I can relax somewhat now. Also found out that the first flight back to Maine (his homeport) is going to be on Nov 27th and all of his unit will be back in Maine by Dec 15th

I was a tester for crochetsal's cute Elf TP cover, I used some of my fun fur from my stash for his trim instesd of eye lash yarn ..... maybe someday all of my fun fur will be used LOL Do you still have a bunch of fun fur left?

Here's what he looks like

I've been busy crocheting some goodies for both of my "Holiday" swap partners ......I made a couple of ?????? and also I'm working on ?????? boy is it neat :)

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