Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This And That

Kuddo's to three online friends who brightened my day today.

When I went online this morning before work I had 2 unique crochet patterns that I've been looking for waiting for me in my mail box :) Can't wait to make the new doilies when I finish up the crochet projects I'm working on now I might just decide to get started on one of them next week LOL The first one was for a Bunny Crinoline doily and the other one was for a beautiful intertwined heart doily that it seems that everyone on the differant crochet forums are trying to HUNT down WOOHOOO I can make it now!!!!

The third special person that brightened my day is another Military Mom that paid my blog a visit GO NAVY!!!! Barb's son is also stationed on the USS GW and also served on the Hawk ..... what a smalll world. Godspeed to all the Men & Women who are in "The Armed Forces" I know you don't hear it often enough ........... THANKS!!!!!!


I finnished up the Mystery Doily that I was working on from Crochetbox I really like how it turned out

What I'm working on now is the "Goddess & Queens" doily by Aly Hymel that I got on my birthday last year from a dear friend in one of my groups from Brazil :) Call me crazy but I have 2 yes 2 of them going I have all the butterfly's attached and started working on the flower stem/leaves once I get a rose added I take a picture so you can see my progress

I have only tested one crochet pattern so far this year. I tested some adorable animal bookmarks for Sally from CrochetSal
Here's how mine came out:

Well I have to go for now just looked at the time and son #4 and DD will be home from school in a few ...... Take care and don't forget to say HI

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  1. Os crochês da CristinaMarch 22, 2008 at 5:32 PM

    And to you a nice Easter!

    Kisses to Brasil.



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