Thursday, March 6, 2008

Where Did February Go?

I was really sick with Pneumonia and was out of action for a while but I'm feeling a lot better now and am going to try and update my blog more often .... I don't know if anybody really stops by here for a visit or not but I'll have my pictures of crochet & family here

Speaking of Family Yumi (dil)set up a blog in Japan for sailor son #1 and the rest of us to see Jacob growing up while Sailor son #1 is on his new ship The USS George Washington.... he'll be arriving in Japan sometime in August, the USS George Washington is going to be replacing the Kitty Hawk ( some of you might remember that Christopher served on the Hawk for 5 years)

Here's some pictures of Jacob :)

Last picture of Jacob in Hawaii before heading to Japan on Jan 15th

GO BLUE!!!! Jacob wearing his Michigan Wolverines outfit with a matching pillow made out of one of his Daddies t shirts taken in Japan :)

Yumi made Jacob some building blocks with Winnie the Pooh and friends Jacob playing with them

Jacob just had to put on his Roo outfit after playing with his blocks LOL

Lookie I have more teeth!

On March 3rd the Moving truck arrived with all of their goodies from Hawaii .... The Military packed up everything on Jan 9th ...... boy was Yumi & Jacob happy to get all of their thing they couldn't pack into their suitcases and send ahead :)

Here's a picture of what Jacob wanted as soon as they started unpacking .... Christmas present From DH & Me

Boy do I miss Jacob it's been a looooong time since September when we saw him I don't know when we'll see him again but I really get excited when we get to see pictures of him growing up .... have to have the box of kleenex handy

Yesterday Julian turned 18 and quess what my baby Amelia turned 13 today ..... I'm not getting old LOL

Be on the lookout in the next couple of days for crochet pictures

Take care and try and say HI to me

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  1. Hello, Michelle. I stumbled on your blog in Google. My son, too, is on the USS GW, at least temporarily. He will not accompany her all the way to Japan. He was also deployed to the air wing for the Kitty Hawk from 2000-2002. Go Navy! Prayers and best wishes to our military sons and your family! God bless America!


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