Monday, April 21, 2008

Butterflies & Chickens ???????

I bet your wondering what butterflies & chickens have in common! That's what I've been crocheting and also a great Big thing that happened on Saturday (April 19th) to someone in my family LOL

My 2 Magic Wings doilies are done and just waiting for all of my tulips & peonies to bloom. I didn't know what color or colors to use for the butterflies but I knew I wanted one with yellow roses & the other one with red. I still haven't blocked them yet so sorry about how the pictures look ..... plus I rushed taking the pics before my batteries died LOL



Now onto the Chicken's part:
It seems like everyone who crochets have been making these cute potholders and I decided to get on the bandwagon ;)I've had the pattern for some time but never got around to making them. They work up fast after working with thread so much and I plan on making more chickens for Christmas gifts along with other kitchen goodies!

I made another doily from a pattern that I tested last year for Kathy this one is for me ..... the test one I gave away to a very special couple for their 50Th Wedding Anniversary

Around the 9th of April Amelia told me that she was getting tired of her long hair and wanted a hair cut I told her to think about it for a week like I always have since grade school( her girl friends would get their hair chopped and then she'd want hers)Well a week passed and she still wanted it cut!

Here's the before picture ...... Amelia was really nervous Dominic, Julian & a couple of their buddies were taking bets to see if she's Chicken out so they took a picture of her hair LOL

Guess what Amelia won the bet and is a "Butterfly" .... no more tangles in the morning!


  1. Her new hair cut looks lovely!

  2. Well, our boys are on the GW and pulled into RIO a couple of days ago. My Scott said it is georgeous! Those doilies are BEAUTIFUL! My grandmother crocheted wonderful doilies and I used to but moved on to other things. Thanks for keeping the art going!


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