Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quick Visit

Sailor son #1 (Christopher) pulled into our driveway at 12:00am Saturday morning, I was the only one up at the time so we got to chit chat by ourselves for about an hour while he was unwinding from the drive :) Whenever he's in town he has to go to Birch Run Outlet store this trip was no different LOL He woke up Amelia so she could go shopping with him they pulled out at around 9:00 am and did some fantastic shopping! On the way home they stopped off at Frankenmuth (Michigan's Little Bavaria)for a quick bite to eat and Christopher decided to buy some German brat for Sunday's bar-b-que.Anyone that lives in Michigan knows that Saturday night was Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and all the guys were pumped up for the game ...........WAY TO GO WINGS!!!!!!!!

Sunday: Christopher & I went to the NEX at Selfridge Air Base to do some shopping for dinner ( I also found some really cute clothes for Jacob's birthday)Since we live so close to Lake St. Clair Christopher just had to do some fishing for old times he brought his fishing pole with him but no tackle because he knew that Julian has a ton ..... Julian caught the most like always but Christopher did manage to catch a couple of perch .... of course we got to hear their fish stories later on in the night LOL

Boys will be boys! Chris asked where the pellets were hidden so that they could shot at some cans I told him what I always say "I can't remember where I put them" .... out comes the ladder to hunt them down in the garage rafters ( I have to find a new place to hide them LOL)

Christopher was supposed to do the cooking but Kristy took the job over ( a really close friend of Chris's Kristy is like family)

Amelia & Dominic

Julian, Amelia & Dominic

Let's EAT!!!!!


Here's another dishcolth I tested for Jullee It's called "Clusters Of Fun Dish Cloth"

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  1. wow, those are beautiful Michele!! Great job!!


    Oh yeah, tell you son(s) I said thank you for there service to this country. God Bless The USA!!


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