Thursday, May 15, 2008

This & That

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile but it's starting to get a bit crazy around my house with Julian's upcoming graduation from High School. He'll be graduating on June 6th but David & Cathy will be here on the first they plan on leaving Maine really early in the morning and being here for dinner LOL. Christopher is waiting for word from his commander to see if he can get a short leave to come home for Julian .... I'm keeping my fingers crossed and saying lot's of prayers that Christopher will be able to come home before he heads to Japan to meet up with the GW, as some of you know Julian will be Sailor #3 for me he heads off to boot camp 8-07-08

More Navy News:
Sailor son #1 (Christopher) is counting down the days until he's done with some special schooling the Military wanted him to take and he'll be back in Japan with Yumi & Jacob,.

The USS George Washington that Christopher will be stationed on is replacing the
USS Kitty Hawk .... Chris is going to be part of Navy history again. A few of my long time online friends might remember the special page I made at my old website about the "Hawks" 40th Anniversary

Sailor son #2: David is waiting his new orders he'll be getting them towards the end of June


I've been busy working on a few things and will be posting pictures in the next couple of days. I signed up for "Summer Camp" at the ville and can't wait for my partner to be assigned ..... my bags are all packed just waiting for the bus to pick me up


I have 10 more days until school's out for summer WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! .... I work in a school so those are 10 full school days LOL

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