Friday, June 6, 2008

13 Years Later & 1st Birthday

Today is a BIG day for my family!
After going to school for 13 years today is the day that Julian's been waiting for GRADUATION

Here's where it all started ....Julian's Kindergarten school picture

Now Onto Julian's Senior Year:

Off to get his senior picture taken

First day of 12th grade :) .... taken in his photography class

Julian has been on the tennis team since 10th grade pictures of the highlights of his senior year ......WAY TO GO!!!!!!

In Elementary school he always had a crazy hair day once a year, well 12th grade was crazy hair day all year long ....... Julian is a very laid back type of person and he figured since he'll be having the same type of haircut for at least 4 years maybe more (Military cut)he was going to have some fun with his hair ...... boy did he ever LOL

June 2nd: Cathy bleaching Julian's hair

Amelia & Cathy

June 3rd

June 4th Senior Dress Day: School colors LOL

June 5th: Julian with me last night before going to awards ceremony.We don't live to far from any of the schools that my children went to and they would walk to school. Julian & I had are last walk to school of course I got all sentimental and had a few good tears on our walk

June 6th Graduation Night:
Julian & siblings ....... David, Julian, Dominic & Amelia

A VERY proud Dad!

Walking off the stage with his diploma

Alex & Julian ...... best buddies all through high school

Alex & Julian agian ..... Alex will be going to a collage not to far from where Julian will be attending "A" school thier already making plans for the weekends :)

Jacob's First Birthday:

It's hard to believe that Jacob Hideaki (the strong one in Japanesse)
Hideaki is pronounced like (He-day-a-key) you say all those together with out a pause, is already 1 year old ..... boy did his first year go by fast!!!!

I'll be posting some pictures of Jacob once Yumi puts them on her blog so be on the lookout :)

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