Sunday, June 1, 2008

On Their Way!

David (sailor son#2) and Cathy pulled out of Portland Maine last night at 8:00pm and should be pulling into our driveway around 10:00 this morning .... They'll be here until the 11th I'm sooooooo happy and excited ..... a long visit :)

I planned for a few days how I would sneak off from "Camp Tweetsie" and it worked nobody saw me leave last night. I hope I don't get caught and end up having to clean the animal pens or washing all the dishes for a couple of weeks. I plan on returning to camp when Dave & Cathy are out doing stuff so nobody notices that I've been gone ........ keeping my fingers crossed that it works ..... wish me luck!!!


David just called and their getting ready to cross the Blue Water Bridge .... both of them are really tired from the drive and they decided that they'll go check into their hotel and take a nap ( Cathy says David napped the whole trip but his story is that he was watching the side of the road while snoring LOL) then be here around 6ish for dinner

I'm Flying off to camp now for a few hours

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