Thursday, June 19, 2008

This & That

It's been a busy, nervous and exciteing week for my family:

Dominic applied for the rad-tec program at collage .... they only take 20 students a year for the the program and any where from 100-200 people apply he's soooooo nervous that he won't get in. I think he has a really good chance of getting in He made the deans list for 3 semesters in all the anotomy classes and his gpa was 3.68 Dominic will find out the beginning of July if he's in or not.

Christopher (sailor son #1) finnished up his schooling on the 16th in Virgina and the Navy gave him a wonderful surprise since the George Washington looks like it won't be in Japan until Oct. ......... He flew to Hawaii on Monday and left Wendsday night to head to Japan to see his family right now he's in the air getting closer and closer to them they havn't seen each other since Jan. can't wait to see pictures :)

Cathy, David's (sailor son #2) wife is right now having surgury done on her foot and will be laid up for close to 2 months :(

I've been battleing helicopters & all the maples that are poping up in all my flower bed & veggie gardens ....... I only have about 20% more to do YUCK!!!!!

My hook has been flying! I can't tell you about some of the things I'm working on because there for my swap partner at camp ;)

I started making roses for crochetbox's new mystery doily ...... I LOVE making Prisilla's roses ..... I'm not going to tell you what color the roses are this time I want everyone to be surprised LOL

Hopefully the weather will be in our favor and we'll be able to open up are pool this weekend ... keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

Be Nice & Play Nice!!!!

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