Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This & That

Boy has it been a busy few weeks around here first Christopher coming home during Memorial weekend then a few days later David & Cathy here for Julian's Graduation.. Dave & Cathy left to head back home to Maine Monday night they did run into a couple of storms but arrived home safe, just tired from the drive

On June 2nd David went to a sports bar in Mt Clements to watch the Red Wings game with one of his High School buddies that came in from up north to see David. It really is a small world David ran into one of his cousins at the bar (Josh) Josh's group joined Dave & Keith to enjoy the game even though the wings lost they all had a blast!

June 4th we had a "WINGS" party at our house with plenty of cold beer & pizza.... didn't get to much sleep that night with all the horns beeping and fireworks going off...... Way to Go Wings!!!!!

David got his movie fix while he was here, one of our theaters have whats called cheap seats Monday-Thursday tickets are only $4.50 Tues Dave & Cathy saw Iron Man, Wednesday Dave,Cathy & Amelia saw the new Narnia movie after going to the Detroit Science Center (shhhhhhhhhh Amelia played hooky from school) Thursday David, Dominic & Julian went to see the new Indiana Jones movie

I'll update more later the computer is being a real pain in the you know what right now!

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