Sunday, August 24, 2008

2008 CGOAG Medal Status

2008 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece Medal Status:

The closing ceremonies are scheduled to begin at 8 AM Eastern time on August 24.
Official time to stop work on your crochet challenge is 11 AM Eastern time on August 24.
I finished all of my Amineko's yesterday and I'm so excited that I meet my challenge. I signed up to do 2 Amineko's but my personal trainer told me that she thought I could make 4 and I did it ...... doing the happy dance :0)

Group Picture:

Here's pictures of each one .... they haven't been named yet I don't know if we'll have a naming day yet or not , I just might decide to let the lucky person who gets one to name it themselves :)

This one is going to Jacob (my grandson)

Amelia's favorite color right now is green and this one was made for her

I did it ........ I Won A Gold Medal ....... WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!

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