Thursday, August 7, 2008

God Speed Sailor Son #3

Sailor Son #3 (Julian) is now with the United States Navy. He was picked up by his recruit at 6:00 pm last night. Julian & I were just starting a game of around the world (basketball) and I took my first shot since ladies always go first ;) when I saw the car pull up in the drive that was the end of our game ..... Jim (dad) was the first to say his goodbyes downstairs with just him and Julian that's when the tears really started around the house.

We tried to make a lot of memories with Julian before heading off to boot camp the last couple of weeks so he'd have some good things to think about while at boot camp.
We had lots of Bar-B-Q / pool parties with his freinds over. He all the movies he wanted to see ...Batman, X-Files and the Mummy plus he had all his favorite dinners made by me :) Even though we've been having a heat wave Domic & Julian still had to play tennis (Maybe some day dominc will be able to finally win a matc) His buddies took him out on his last night to just chill.Julian just wanted to stay around the house yesterday

Julian being very pensive in the pool:

Amelia decided to jump in the pool and tip him over then they just both chilled for around an hour

A FANTASTIC smile for Mom !!!! I already ordered a print of it at Walgreens and will be pickig it up tonight :)

Julian"s last home cooked meal:
He requested soft taco's with nacho's and cheese plus Boston coolers (Vernor's pop mixed with vanillia ice cream) Julian, Dominic & Amelia wanted to eat outside so that Jim & I wouldn't hear anything they said LOL

I was the last one to say my goobyes and the only one to go outside to hand him over to the Navy. I took a picture of sailor son's #1 & 2 when they left with their recruiter and I had to do the smae for Julian

I know the next week is going to be HELL for you Julian but I can't wait for my first letter from you with your address so I can start writing hopefully your commander will be one that lets you make a phone call earlier then your supposed to because your group is outstanding!

God Speed to all of Our Military


  1. Please pass on my best wishes to Julian. God bless you and give you strength. Julian, thank you for your choice to serve our country alongside your brothers.

    Michelle, you must be so proud! It is sometimes hard to have just one son away in the service --- but three! Your family deserves and has our respect and gratitude!

  2. I read your blog a lot, but I never commented (lurker that I am). I had to de-lurk to say how much respect I have for your family. Julian will be in my prayers, and please tell all of your sons that there are people who are very thankful that they are helping to keep our country safe.

  3. I am a new visitor - thanks for your comment on my blog. I sped through previous posts and enjoyed reading a bit about your children. LOVE the photos. You must be so proud. I identified with so many of your feelings. My son is presently in Army BCT. You are so right - it is hard to hear their sadness and frustration at times. My son wouldn't let me take a photo of him with his recruiter *pout*. I think now he would. LOL Thanks for sharing the lives of your sons with us. I'll add you to my blogroll.


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