Saturday, August 9, 2008

This & That


I joined "The 2008 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece" at Crochetville As a lot of my friends know crocheting keeps me sane!! It was hard to figure out what I would work on but I decided to get a jump on Christmas gifts .... I'll be making 2 Aminekos One for Jacob and the other one for Amelia. I am using Nekoyama's Amineko pattern. (That means "crocheted cat.") Nekoyama has asked that people not link directly to the pattern, but to her main page, which is in Japanese. I'm respecting this request because I don't want her to pull the pattern off the Internet. Look for the English-language link that says "Pattern of crocheted Cat with diagram (Amineko)"; it's on the right side of the main page. Flicker has some FANTASTIC Amineko's if you want to take a peek :)

I also started making the "Michele" doilie from Exquisite Doilies by Patricia Kristoffersen on 8-7 that my Swap Partner from Summer camp sent me (kwoolls) in my reveal package ...... It's really neat finding a doilie with your name especially when your name is spelled RIGHT ( one "L" instead of 2) LOL. I needed something to challenge me and reduce the stress and so far this doilie is doing the trick


We're all still in a fog around here just trying to keep busy in are own little ways until we get our first letter from Julian telling us his address

My cousin/Godmother called to talk for a few and will be picking up my Mother to come visit with her on the 16th for a month ......... She always seems to know when I need a break and need just old fashioned family time with my family :)


Sailor Son #1 Christopher: USS George Washington is underway to Japan ..... I'm so happy that Christopher will be back with his family and be able to see Jacob grow!!!! I knew that he was going to be pulling out the beginning of the month just didn't know what day

Sailor Son #2 David: Classified ... doing his job

Sailor Son #3 Julian:

At 12:18 am on Aug 8th I received the 10-15 second collect call from Julian ( their not allowed to talk any longer and can not say anything other then what their told to say) The Call "Hi Mom, I just arrived,talk to you in 2 weeks,Love you, bye" ...... click!!!!!

He sounded tired,sad,lonely, all the things a Mother never wants for one of their children to sound like ..... I know he'll adjust and start feeling like his old self in the next few days but it still tears at a Mother's heart

"God Speed To All Of Our Military"

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