Monday, September 8, 2008

This & That

Well I went and did it I joined another SP swap at the "Ville" This is the last secret pal swap for 2008 and the theme is "SPA". I'm staying at Spa Kalahara.

Here's what the Kalahara concierge has to say about it:

"While in Kalahara you will be welcomed by Satin robes and rose petals on the floor dinner is served at all hours and accommodate the vegetarian and kosher crowds. We have full nutritional information located on the front of the menus. We are one of the top eco friendly spa in Wisconsin. only 560.00 per person per day. But we have discounts in the off season to 199.00

You will start your stay with a relaxing exfoliating shower scrub with body polish, eight adjustable shower heads and you will finish with your choice of lavender to relax or Rosemary to rejuvenate body mist .Then off to the sauna to let the oils penetrate your skin

If you need to bring your spouse we offer a golfing package starting at 299.00 a day."

I've really been enjoying my stay so far ..... chocolate, Sven the masseur, champagne baths... and plenty of time to crochet :)

Military: Julian is doing good at bootcamp and says that he's getting used to Military life LOL. He bought a phone card and called us on the 23rd of Aug and agian on Sept. 6th it sure was nice hearing his voice .... The first call I was shakeing for about an hour from the excitement LOL. We recieved the info about his graduation (Oct.3rd) over the weekend. We plan on driveing to Chicago and staying by Great Lakes for a couple of days. Julian already told me to bring his
I-pod so he can listen to some music He also plans to crash in our room after graduation when he's on liberty


  1. I'm glad to see that your Navy men are doing well. I'll bet you can't wait to see Julian at Great Lakes! It's good that the Washington has finally been able to complete her journey to Japan. My son is now with Strike Group Eight on the USS Eisenhower. On Aug 30 I had the opportunity to be on board for their Friends and Family Day Cruise. What an awesome experience! I did a series of photos and stories on Picture This, At Last and I invite you to take a look. Go Navy and God Bless Navy Moms!

  2. Michelle, thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed the USS Ike posts. If you ever get the opportunity to do this or a Tiger Cruise I highly recommend it!


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