Monday, October 13, 2008

This And That

The weather has been really beautiful here in Michigan this past week. We are enjoying Indian Summer and some of the trees around my house are starting to change color ... Mother nature is putting on a wonderful show this year :)

Sailor Son #1:
The USS George Washington pulled into Japan on September 25th and Christopher & Yumi decided to look at base housing instead of apartments and they really liked what they saw :) Christopher is deployed right now so Yumi and a few of her friends will do all of the moving on Oct.17th .....

Jacob & Christopher .... what precious smiles they both have!

Do you think we have a future sailor here?

Sailor Son #2: Same old stuff going on with David ;)

Sailor Son #3:
Julian is really enjoying life after boot camp ...... no set time to go to bed,being able to go off base, and the biggest thing is being able to use electronics ( he bought a laptop over the weekend) he likes his roommates since their both gamers and their older then him ..... he always hung out with older friends. I'm working on Julian's first care package from home it looks like it will be 2 flat rate boxes so far next week he gets to wear civilian cloths for the first time since August and he's counting down the days LOL


I'm still busy working on some goodies for my Spa Pal at the "Ville" I thought the deadline was the 15th so my hook was smoking over the weekend then I found out last night in an email that I have until the 24th to send out ...... that just means my UKSP will be getting a few more things in her package ;) I'll post pictures of what I sent her way after she receives everything .... she still hasn't guessed who I am but she sure is doing some good guessing LOL

I made a few little things for my family. The little devil I made for Jim for some reason when I saw the pattern online it reminded me of him .... must be the smile! I just had to make a flying pig just to have around the house, I plan on making one for each of my kids to give for Christmas

I found a local crochet/knitting group that meets once a month by me and went to my first meeting on the 11th (Sat.) I had a blast there and all the Ladies seem really nice ..... it nice being around other people that enjoy working with yarn! I took the doily below to work on and was able to get 2 rnds done during all the chit chatting

Deb surprised me with a Welcome goodie bag

Another picture showing how HUGE the craft bag is ... great bag for the big projects!

I also won Bingo Laurie was in charge of calling the words and the prize for October and here's what I won

I get to pick the words for November and am in charge of the prize .....I already have a couple of ideas for the prize ;)

I'm also working on a couple of fall doilies with some colorful leaves and plan on starting this week the Christmas Cal doily at Crochet Box ... always have to have a couple projects going at at time so I don't get bored

Off to get ready for work .... I know I have a bunch of typo's on this post I will see if I have any and fix them later today

God Speed To Our Troops

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