Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One Proud Navy Mom!

I just have to share a wonderful email I just recieved from Sailor Son #1 (Christopher) I'm still misty eyed but boy is it good feeling crying happy tears!

11/19/2008 5:01:35 PM Eastern Standard Time

After 6 years being an E5 it is time to move on to E6 I made it this time after the 6th time. The advancement percentage has been going down over the years. This time they only advanced 27 people out of 560 plus people taking the AT1 exam. I have to have my command send off a message to the training unit in Pensacola since that is the main headquarters for training for the navy. I missed it by 2.55 points but they forgot to put 4 award points on my test along with another 4 points for my College degree. Once the ship pulls back in I will have to go to the Navy Exchange and buy myself a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label since I promised myself I would buy that if I ever made First Class. I will savor the taste since it has been along ride waiting for this moment. Hope you make it soon David and Julian good luck on trying to get honor grad so you can pick up E4 out of school. Dominic I hope you try to take the test again in March for your doctor program that want. You have a better chance of making it then I did making E6. I know you only missed it by less then a point but I have taken this test 6 times as percentages ranging from 3-6%. I try to call you all on the first day off of the ship once I arrive in Japan on the 21st of November. I have duty that first day so I will be getting of on the 22nd.

Pictures of Sailor Son #1 & Jacob taken in June when he was last in Japan

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