Friday, December 26, 2008

This & That

12-28-08 Blogger was being a pain in the you know what for me on the 26th so I decided to just save it as a draft until I had time to get back here

Here's what our Christmas tree looked like this year. Santa was very good to everyone here ... I guess we were all good this year ;) We had a lot of happy surprised tears from some of our gifts .... also some really good laughs from a couple gifts

This was the year for crocheting Christmas trees..... hope you enjoy my little forest
This beautiful white Christmas tree was designed by Carol at crochetbox for a CAL. I really liked how it turned out without adding an edging to it .... thanks again Elf Carol for taking the time to write this up I really enjoyed making it!

A friend shared the pattern for My green Christmas tree (the famous white tree with a pointsettia on it that everyone has been looking for the pattern for this year)Thank you Santa's Elf. I had to go through my patterns to find a pointsettia that was the right size ...... sorry about the dark spot on the tree I thought my hands were dry after washing them but they weren't .... I was to lazy to wait for the trees to dry LOL

This is my mini forest:

I love how a Pointsettia looks in thread and here's my newest one it's called "Victorian Pointsettia"

Petal Pentagon Doily from Decorative Crochet Magazine Number 52 ... of course I changed the colors. I'm really happy how this turned out I can use it for Christmas and all year round

Here's my "Turkey Doily" all finished that I made for my Thanksgiving table.I've had a lot of crochet friends ask how I made the turkey's ...... here's what I did I used a turkey magnet pattern and added a little waddle to it (all turkey need a waddle LOL)

After a five hour delay at the airport because of winter storms Sailor Son #3 (Julian) arrived home on the 19th. When we heard on the news (Dec17th) about the storms that will be hitting Chicago & Detroit Jim & I decided instead of us going to the airport to pick up Julian we'd book a ride through Checker Sedan .... Julian could ride home in style in a Lincoln and we wouldn't have to be all stressed out getting to the airport..... We used Checker Sedan when we came back from Maine in 2007 and boy did it feel good after all the driving after a Nor Eastern in Maine! Julian's been enjoying sleeping in and sleeping in his own bed!The weather has been really cold and windy so he hasn't been out that much ... just staying nice and cozy here. Dominic and Julian plan on playing some Tennis this weekend , plus theres still the pool hall
between son's & dad. Julian's leave in Michigan ends on Jan.3rd it's hard to believe he's already been home a week!!!!!!!

Nothing new to report about Sailor son's #1 & #2

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  1. Wow your Christmas tree looks great. Love all your decorations! Your crocheted trees look so pretty. Was it a free pattern? Can't remember from your post. I love how they all look. Hope your family is doing good.
    ~Sheryl* c'ville


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