Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm Still Here

I'm still floating around the web checking in on some of my groups and visiting friends sites from around the world just haven't posted much anywhere .... thanks to my friends that have emailed me to see if everything is alright! I don't want to go into any details and vent about whats going on in my real life that's not what my blog is about ..... I try and put only happy thoughts here at least I try to LOL


Sailor Son#3 (Julian) is still in "A" school but his group is on hold right now from schooling (they get to clean around the ship while they wait for classes to start up again)he should know where he'll be going next within the next few months

Sailor Son's 1&2 are doing their jobs ........ "Loose Lips Sink Ships"

Crochet: I started working on Elizabeth Hiddelsons "Honolulu" doily on Jan 4th.I have both the chart for it and Vol 24 of her books that it is in .... so far I have had to look at the written directions just to get started on the doily..... I'm getting better and better at reading charts now ( so much easier!) I have all of the pineapple wreath done and am on rnd 15 of the center doily. The pineapples I did in ecru and the center part I'm doing in white and using a size 10 hook and 10 thread ..... I plan to use it as a table topper in my bedroom

"Honolulu Chart"

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