Sunday, February 8, 2009

This & That

We've been having a heat wave in Michigan from what we've had the last few weks or should I say months. Yesterday it got up to 50* and melted alot of the snow everywhere I can see grass in some places around my house and in the front of my house some of my daffodils are starting to pop up so hopefully the weather will just keep on getting better & better .... but anybody that knows about Michigan or has lived here knows that you can have all 4 seasons in one day. My Mom is doing better (she's 85 years old and lives with us) it's been one hard winter for her it will be nice when she's able to sit outside and be able to soak up some sun ;). Jim's leg acts up still but not as bad ... still walks with a limp. Everyone here has cabin fever!!!!!!!

I started connecting the pineapple wreath to the inside doily on "Honolulu" this morning I still have 13 more pineapples to attach then off to pick out my next doily to make. My plans this year are to make one charted doily then a written one from my stash of patterns I have laying around my house ....... keeping my fingers crossed that I make a lot of doilies from my collection of patterns so that I can show I'm using them to Amelia & Jim then I can buy more patterns LOL

I plan on starting on a couple of presents for Amelia's birthday (March 6th) I have a couple of amigurumi paterns in mind and an online freind sent me a link to "Master Shake" from ATHF ... Number One In The Hood G ... that I plan on also making her I can't wait for the patterns for frylock & meatwad ;)

When I got home from work on friday 2-6 Cathy was on the phone, Sailor son #2 (David) was rushed to the hospital the night before in sever pain in his stomach , he was rolled into a ball and crying ..... (the first thing the drs. checked was his liver if some of you remember he was air lifted from El Salvador a couple of years ago because of his liver all the drs could come up with at that time was some form of hepatitis (toxic or E) while he was stationed there ) ... they put him on on a morphine drip to relieve the pain and plan on doing a bunch of blood work on Monday 2-9 he's back at home taking it easy. Please include David in your Prayers

Sailor Son #1 called from Japan on the same day ( most be a twin thing) to see how everyone was doing. I was able to talk to Jacob and he's starting to talk really good since the last time I spoke with him .... he can say 50 Japanesse words and 50 English talk about one proud Grandma! He told me Hello, I Love You and Poo Poo he alos said the same stuff to Dominic on the phone except after he said Poo Poo he threw his diaper at Christopher to change him LOL.

Grandma LOVES you Jacob and really misses you!!!!

Sailor Son #3 (Julian) is doing good he's still on hold

God Speed To All Of My Sailors!!!!

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  1. Hi, Michele. I originally visited your blogspot to see if you posted the pattern to the beautiful butterfly doily you have in the Crochetbox gallery. (If you're able to share, I would love to have it and will provide my email.)

    BUT after reading your blog, I'm so impressed with your family. Thank you for raising such fine sons that they will serve in our country's military. As I age, I realize what a sacrifice they (and their families) are making. I hope all is well with each member of your family. Your little grandson is a doll & must be smart as a whip to learn English & foreign languages.

    Really enjoyed visiting your blog.


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